Fighting for a better, fairer, healthier world for all Californians

North County residents deserve an Assemblymember with the experience, temperament, and track record needed to fight for our fair share from Sacramento. I would be honored to earn your vote on or before Tuesday, November 6.

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As someone who became civically engaged to protect the kids walking and biking to school, I am  a mother and former PTA leader who is strongly supported by local teachers because I am committed to fully funding our neighborhood schools and expanding access
to after-school programs. I also support making community college tuition free, and finding new ways to reduce the financial barriers that prevent students from attending college. 


Nothing is more important than keeping our families and neighborhoods safe. As a City
Councilmember, I worked with local firefighters, paramedics, and residents to reduce emergency response times. In the State Assembly, I will fight to strengthen our unique communities, by maintaining fast emergency response times, ensuring funding for safe roads for all users, expanding access to affordable quality healthcare, incentivizing affordable housing and supporting law enforcement policies that increase trust.

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As a City Councilmember, I have a proven record of working to protect open space, preserve beach access, build new walking and biking paths, and ensure that any new development is compatible with our existing neighborhoods. Earlier this year, I helped create one of the most ambitious climate action plan in San Diego County — one in which Encinitas will both reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 41 percent and transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.  As your next State Assemblymember, I will fight to protect our coastline, invest in renewable energy technologies, and advance progressive policies to keep our air and water clean.

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In the State Assembly, you can count on me to strengthen the programs and services that protect our most vulnerable residents. Since being elected, Encinitas has reduced homelessness by 25%, 20% of whom are veterans as well as being the first in North County to appropriately respond to the Hep A outbreak. I am committed to reducing homelessness by treating the root causes of the crisis, and will work to ensure that California’s low-income seniors and families have access to the social services, affordable quality healthcare, and support they need.